No matter my history, past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, I am worthy of love. I am not defined by my past. I am prepared because of it. While my own voice and others may tell me different, I will lean into the safe people that affirm this way of thinking. When I encourage others to love themselves I am encouraging them to treat themselves with kindness, patience, respect, and all that embodies love. We live our life knowing we have worth.  So Worth Loving. It's a lifestyle.



When So Worth Loving began as an inspirational blog on Tumblr, we stenciled this phrase on pieces of already loved clothing. We realized quickly, through an outpouring of honest and inspiring stories and testimonies, that So Worth Loving was so much more than just a phrase. A lifestyle had unexpectedly grown out of three little words and it dug far deeper than we could have ever imagined.

Today, So Worth Loving is a community of passionate and original individuals. We exist to embrace your past and empower your future. We believe no matter your history, past mistakes, religion, career choice, or relationship status, you are worthy of love. We focus on living life through the lens of knowing you have value and you have worth.

Because fashion is the most iconic way to make a statement, we’ve sewn our hearts to the sleeves of apparel that dares you to live louder and love deeper. So whenever you wear a piece made by So Worth Loving, you are reminding the world of a message that we so often forget: you are valued. You are loved. You are worth fighting for.


Stories from our community 

"Those early years of mine were spent in the shadows, hiding in my shame, holding onto a dark secret that was destroying my self worth. I sometimes still find it hard to believe that I was sexually abused as a child. It lead me down a path of ultimate destruction, and as I teetered on the brink I somehow found the courage to look away and begin my journey back. The road back has been bumpy and uneven but has been worth it. It's on this road that I discovered myself again. It's here that I realized that I'm actually worth something and that shame is the enemy of self worth. Finally, I've realized that self worth is a journey to be embraced, not a destination."
 -Andy Ryan

"Growing up there was a strong presence of abandonment and rejection over my life. My real father was in another country with a new family, and we didn't meet for the first time until I was 17. My step-father was present but never accepted me as his own.  It seemed that wherever I turned, I was an unwanted burden. This hugely affected my self-worth and understanding that I am lovable, acceptable and beautiful. I'm still learning this by rejecting the lies of my past, and instead choosing daily to believe the fact that I am endlessly valuable. I'm not perfect and struggle often, but forgiveness has given me the freedom to redefine my worth. We cannot erase people's  decisions that have impacted us, but we can choose how much they affect our future." -Micaela Hollins

"Growing up there were multiple lies that were spoken over my life; I was not good enough, I was unlovable, I was not pretty enough, and I certainly was not smart enough to change any of these thoughts about myself. At sixteen all these thoughts that I believed were confirmed by my biological parents giving me away to a new family. This made me feel like I wasn't worth loving. My self-worth was replaced with self-hate and addictions. After a many challenging years of discovering my self-worth I have learned that those thoughts ARE lies and that I am not who others say I am. Although, I still struggle with these lies it is essential to daily make an effort to determine my thought process in order to accept the love that I deserve. You can't change what others think of you, but you can shout words of love to the lies you believe and begin on the journey to loving yourself well!" -Melissa Damminger


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