You all are pioneers for change + initiators of conversations of self worth and self love on your campus. 

We want you to be creative! So think outside the box:

  • hang outside in the courtyard or common area
  • hammock together
  • provide awesome snacks
  • create an iphone photo booth
  • have a story wall/table where people can write their stories down
  • any other rockin’ ideas you may have

When it comes down to it, this is just about making friends, breaking down barriers between groups, and bringing people together to be one community. The first event is always the hardest but after this people will know you + want to be a part of SWL on campus!! Go love on some people and rep SWL well!

It's not quantity of people gathered, its quality of the kind of conversations you have. 


(applications close at midnight on Sunday January 24, 2016)