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Hi fam! Eryn here.

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So Worth Loving began when this 4’11 musician worked by day as an art director and by night pursuing the music industry. I never thought I'd have a music video go viral but when it did, I saw a lot of support. A lot of encouragement. A lot of people wanting to share my music but with that came haters and naysayers. A lot of people judging my appearance, my voice, my melodies and my style. I saw what it was like to have people for you and watch others observe you and be immediately against you. I decided instead of paying attention to the hate I will love on the people that are loving on me. So, I did what any “sane” person would do and place my home address on my blog and I said: Mail your personal t-shirt and I will spray paint you are worth loving and I will mail it back to you for free. There were a few things I wanted to accomplish: 

Create music that has empowering melodies for the bad days.  To let the family on the other side of the screen to know how honored I am they believe in me, and to create a community of people that feel the weight of life and want to feel less alone in their own story. 

I thought I’d receive one or two tees and that they’d be sent from my mom and her friends, but what the next 8 months consisted of changed my entire world. Stories. Strangers shirts that quickly became my new family in addition to the stories they represented. Stories of people, like me, that struggle with self worth. Stories of physical abuse, verbal abuse, depression, self harm, eating disorders, stigmas of society, scars from the judgement of religion. Of all of the stories i heard, I thought if all of these 100’s of stories knew they weren’t alone we could all muster up the energy to persevere during maybe one of the darkest seasons of our lives and through that dark time we could cast a light for others. 

Six years have passed and today, we are a community of individuals that have experienced all walks of life. So Worth Loving exists to help embrace your past and empower your future. That no matter your history, past mistakes, religion, career choice, relationship status, or the history you’ve come from that you are worthy of love.  SWL uses apparel and story telling as an entry point to create the conversations that enable that safe space to gain strength and in gaining that help others gain their strength. 

We’ve sold to all 50 states and over 20 countries. We are hanging out on a little over 80 college campuses and we are in the process of establishing our So Worth Loving Foundation where we will partner with college counselors to have more support in the mental health community. 

When you wear SWL, you aren’t just wearing a comfy inspirational tee, you are reminding people you believe that their circumstances don’t define who they are.

You are not crazy. You are not messy. You are brave. You have experienced judgement. You have experienced shame. You have experienced guilt. You have looked at yourself closer then judging another so you may be an even brighter light. What you have experienced will be a lighthouse for other lost ships trying to find their way and you’ll be that steady safe place to help them come home to themselves. We are all finding our way home and fighting the labels that keep us from believing we are So Worth Loving.

Signature Simply Said

Sometimes the most important things should be put simply. No fuss, just real and simplified. We love this new tee as it is a simply our message. We want you to be able to carry this message with any outfit and this tee will do just that- dressed up or down this tee is the best staple to add to any wardrobe.

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People that are okay with their journey aren't
threatened to sit with you in yours.

eryn eddy