The Worthy Tank


Brand So Worth Loving

Worthy. Worthy. Worthy. Say it to yourself again. You are worthy of love. All of you. The you that is here, right now, reading these words in this very moment. Not the you in a few months once you've dropped that weight. Not the you in a year when you're finally in with that crowd you've been working so hard to be a part of. Not the you once you've mastered that skill that you feel like makes you so valuable. You are worthy of love just the way you are. We genuinely believe that and we want you to believe it too. This tee is the perfect reminder that you are worthy, and that sometimes it takes awhile to really see that as truth. It takes repeating it to yourself. Saying it out loud even when it feels uncomfortable. You are worthy of love just the way you are.


Small         2-4
Medium     6-10
Large        10-14
XL             14-18
XXL           18-20

US ORDERS ship at $8 and ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ship starting at $10.

Care:  Because we don't know what your washer and dryer is like, we encourage all of our shirts be washed in cold and hung to dry!